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Slovakia and the Czech Republic extend the permission to sell RF oil

Dec 5, 2023

Slovakia and the Czech Republic want to prolong the effect of exceptions to the European sanctions against Russia, which allow the sale of refined oil products from the aggressor country.


RBC-Ukraine reports this with reference to the Financial Times.

As of today, December 5, the exemption from the restrictions introduced by the European Union, which enables Slovakia to sell Russian oil processing products, expires.

At the same time, Bratislava and Prague call on the new, 12th EU sanctions package against the Russian Federation to extend the validity of this option. Thus, the authorities of Slovakia and the Czech Republic fear the impact on industry and price increases in some Central European countries.

According to the publication, the Slovnaft oil refinery in Slovakia, which belongs to the Hungarian MOL group, has not yet been able to switch from "heavy" oil from the Russian Federation to "lighter" oil imported from other countries. Such a transition is estimated at 200 million euros and will take longer than previously anticipated.

At the same time, the Czech government insists on completing the modernization of the pipeline connecting the Mediterranean port of Trieste with Central Europe. This would make it possible to reduce dependence on supplies through the Russian Druzhba oil pipeline. The article states that the project will be implemented no earlier than 2024.

At the same time, the Baltic states, as well as Poland, oppose the continuation of such sanctions exemptions.

As representatives of the European Commission noted in a conversation with journalists, this issue will not become critical at the discussions on the 12th package of sanctions and will not be able to disrupt the agreement on the document on the introduction of restrictions on the Russian Federation.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 06/12/2023

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