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Spanish farmers block roads for the fourth day in a row

Feb 9, 2024

For the fourth day in a row, Spanish farmers have been staging protests across the country with road blockades.

This is reported by Reuters.

Friday, February 9, was the fourth day of protests by Spanish farmers who are dissatisfied with the EU's new "green" requirements for farmers and bureaucratic burdens and want tax breaks.

Since Thursday, the three largest farmers' associations - COAG, Asaja, and UPA - have joined the protest.


The actions took place on many roads across the country, sometimes with incidents.

Near the southern city of Jerez, a group of protesters began throwing cherry tomatoes from a stopped truck, claiming they were imported from Morocco.

Near the southwestern city of Mérida, there were serious clashes with law enforcement officers - protesters threw stones at them, and police used tear gas.

It is known that on Saturday, farmers are planning to gather near the buildings of all regional governments, including in Madrid.

Author - Olena Madiak, 09/02/2024

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