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Ukrainian pilots are at the final stage of mastering F-16 aircraft

Apr 11, 2024

Several groups of Ukrainian pilots continue to master F-16 aircraft, Air Force speaker Ilya Yevlash said during a briefing.

"The training of pilots who are undergoing training in Denmark and the United States is in its final stages. They are practicing to hone their skills on the tasks that will be assigned to them in Ukraine. They are practicing strikes against small-sized targets, in particular, such as "Shaheds", cruise and guided missiles," against which our new fighter aviation will be directed, among other things," Yevlash said.

He also added that the Ukrainian side and partners do not intend to announce the date of Western aircraft deliveries.

"As you can see, everything concerning the F-16, it is conducted behind a closed door. I would not talk about the timing, because it is a certain strategic uncertainty, it gives us a moment for surprise and unexpected blow to the enemy. Of course, when they already appear, we can talk about it openly," Yevlash explained.

According to him, there are other groups of Ukrainian pilots who have just started to prepare for mastering F-16 aircraft. For example, some of the pilots are now in the UK, where they are taking English language courses and conducting ground training before flights.

"Another such group has already completed in similar courses and moved to another air coalition country. They are now being trained in light-engine airplanes.In order to increase the number of flight hours and to learn the control system.This is a transitional phase before they move to a more serious fighter, a jet fighter, and gain valuable experience there, which they will then hone on F-16s," Yevlash said.

For two years, you can't hand over old airplanes to Ukraine. Maybe you should have said right away, we will not help Ukraine!

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 12/04/2024

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