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A hard landing. Russian plane crashes and breaks in half

Jun 14, 2024

A Russian An-26-100 aircraft made a "hard landing" during which it fell and broke in half near a runway in Yamal, Russia.

This was reported on Friday, June 14, by the propaganda Telegram channel Baza.


There were five crew members and 36 passengers on board, and three people were injured, the website claims.

Russian media write that the pilots of the UTair plane released the landing gear earlier than necessary, allegedly due to heavy fog and poor visibility.

As a result, the plane hit the fence and crashed down. This version has not yet been officially confirmed.

According to Baza, the two pilots sustained injuries of varying severity. One passenger was also injured. The airport is currently not accepting flights.

On June 11, propaganda outlets reported that a Su-34 fighter-bomber had crashed in North Ossetia, Russia. The entire crew was killed.

Author - Ihor Lontkivskyi 14.06.24

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