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Argentina decides to send military aid to Ukraine

Jul 9, 2024

Argentine Defense Minister Luis Alfonso Petri at the Congress of Latin American Right Forces in Brazil, justified Buenos Aires' decision to "support Ukraine and Israel in their wars"

"In the past, Argentina has embraced Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran, and now we are doing so with countries that are fighting for their survival," the Argentine government representative emphasized.

Argentina has decided to apply for NATO membership, purchase F-16 warplanes instead of Chinese machines, and help Ukraine by sending it the weapons it needs to wage war against Russia, the head of the Argentine Defense Ministry said.

"We cannot remain neutral in this situation. We must be on the side of countries that are defending their freedom and democracy," Petri explained.

As a reminder, on June 13, Argentina joined the Ramstein Coalition.

Since Javier Millais won the presidential election, this country has been demonstrating a pro-Ukrainian policy. Earlier, Argentina gave our country five Mi-17E helicopters that it had once purchased from Russia. Now it intends to provide Ukraine with French military aircraft.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 09/07/2024

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