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Attack on Lviv region: 15 wounded, 40 houses damaged

Aug 15, 2023

An attack in the Lviv region has left 15 people injured, including at least one child, and damaged about 40 houses.

Source: Head of the Lviv Regional State Administration Maksym Kozytskyi in Telegram, SES press service.

Kozytskyi's direct statement: "15 people were injured. The youngest victim is 10 years old, the oldest is 72. Most of the victims have scratches and cuts due to broken windows and bruises. Five people were hospitalized.

The occupants damaged about 40 houses."

Details: Kozitsky said that the Russians attacked the Lviv region with missiles between 05:20 and 05:30. Air defense forces shot down one missile and hit 6 more.

In Lviv, 20 buildings in the Zaliznychnyi district were destroyed. Most of them were on Kakhovska and Patona streets. There were fires, damaged windows, and roofs. Windows were smashed in the Lviv Medical College "Monada", and three buildings of an industrial enterprise caught fire.


One of the rockets hit the territory of a kindergarten, and the building of the kindergarten was damaged.

In Stavchany, Lviv district, 15 residential buildings in the private sector were damaged, 6 of them critically. Cars were also damaged. In the village of Sukhovolya, Lviv district, rocket fragments damaged 4 residential buildings in the private sector. There were no casualties.

As of now, the damaged buildings are being inspected and the consequences of the strike are being eliminated.

Kozitsky also said that residents whose homes were destroyed or damaged can apply for compensation for repairs on the Diia platform. The maximum amount of compensation is UAH 200 thousand.

Author - Olena Madiak, 15/08/2023

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