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Belarus says a Polish helicopter flew into its territory twice

Sep 28, 2023

On Thursday evening, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus accused Poland of violating Belarusian airspace.

This is stated in a statement by the ministry.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, in the afternoon, Belarusian radar detection equipment of the Air Force and air defense forces recorded "the approach of a Polish aircraft."


"Around 15:20, the aircraft crossed the border of the Republic of Belarus, going up to a distance of one and a half kilometers. At 16 hours 22 minutes, the helicopter violated the state border again, going 300 meters deep," the statement said.

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus added that in connection with the "incident," it had raised the aircraft on duty, and the country's Foreign Ministry is preparing a note of protest to Poland.

The Polish side has not yet commented on the situation.

Author - Olena Madiak, 28/09/2023

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