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Death toll in Kyiv rises to 27

Jul 8, 2024

A Russian missile strike on Kyiv has killed 27 people, including three children. Another 82 people were injured.

Source: Kyiv City Military Administration in social media.

Details: It is reported that as a result of a missile strike on Kyiv, damage was recorded in 7 districts of the city - Solomianskyi, Dniprovskyi, Darnytskyi, Sviatoshynskyi, Desnianskyi, Shevchenkivskyi and Holosiivskyi.

Shevchenkivskyi district

Destruction of two floors of the Okhmatdyt Hospital building with an area of approximately 400 square meters. 2 adults (one of them a doctor) were killed, and 10 were injured. Several other buildings were damaged. Work is underway to clear the rubble and search for people.

In another location in the district, one entrance to a multi-story residential building was completely destroyed, the rest were damaged. 7 people died (including 3 children), 18 were injured, and 7 people were rescued. Work is underway to clear the rubble and search for people.

An industrial facility was damaged. 2 people died and 3 were injured. Work is underway to remove the rubble.


Solomyansky district

The Domino business center was damaged, two floors with a total area of 1500 square meters were destroyed, and a fire broke out and was extinguished. 7 people died and 9 were injured. The works are completed.

Holosiivskyi district

Partial destruction of a 5-storey residential building, 2 fire centers of 10 square meters each, the roof was damaged. 22 people were injured.

A preschool educational institution was damaged nearby.

At the same location, garages were damaged, and 10 cars caught fire.

Dniprovsky district

Partial destruction of a 4-storey building of a medical center. 9 people died and 5 were injured. The works have been completed.

Darnytskyi district

A private house was damaged. 1 person was injured.

Desnianskyi district

Fire in a two-storey private house, was eliminated.

Author - Olena Madiak, 08/07/2024

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