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Estonian Prime Minister: Putin is trying to use migration as a weapon

May 17, 2024

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is seeking to use the threat of mass migration to divide and weaken Europe in its support for Ukraine.

She said this at a briefing in Tallinn on May 17, The Guardian reports.

According to Kallas, Europe's opponents, including Russia, “know that migration is our vulnerability.” “Their goal is to make life in Ukraine really impossible, to create migration pressure on Europe, and that's what they are doing,” she added.


The Estonian prime minister noted that Russia has already created migration pressure by interfering in the civil war in Syria and in Africa through the activities of the Wagner Group.

“Our adversaries are using migration as a weapon. They push migrants across the border and create problems for Europeans because they use it as a weapon because, from a human rights perspective, you have to accept these people,” Callas explained.

Author - Olena Madiak, 17/05/2024

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