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Latvia demands that the EU ban imports of Russian grain

Feb 28, 2024

The Latvian government has banned grain imports from Russia and demands the European Union do the same because goods from Ukraine can replace all Russian agricultural products.


This was stated by Latvian Agriculture Minister Armands Krause before the EU Ministerial Council on Agriculture and Fisheries, Ukrinform reported.

We are still asking to extend to Russian grain and food products, European sanctions. Latvia has adopted national legislation protecting us from Russian imports into the Republic of Latvia. This does not affect transit to third countries, including other EU countries. But since last Thursday, our parliament (Latvia-red.) has adopted a ban on Russian grain and food imports into the Republic of Latvia," Armands Krause emphasized.

"Everything that is imported from Russia can be imported from Ukraine. And in this way, we will support Ukraine rather than helping Russia, feeding its war machine," the Latvian official added.

He noted that the EU's Joint Agricultural Policy needs to be clarified, as a lot has changed since its last revision in 2021, and now Europe has a war on its doorstep. This development changes a lot both in the geopolitical situation and in the market. Ukraine, for example, cannot ship grain to Africa, where there are countries in dire need.

"Now we have these difficulties on the (Polish) border. We fully support Ukraine. From the European Union's point of view, what is happening on the border is not clear. We have to make sure that we have a free movement of goods between EU countries and that we don't have blocked borders. We have to adapt quickly. And not say "We'll think about it and we'll do something about it in a couple of years". I think the war will be over before then. We must act quickly," the Latvian minister emphasized.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 28/02/2024

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