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Orban provocatively reacted to the attack on Kyiv

Jul 10, 2024

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban continues to work in the interests of the leader of Russia's fascist regime, Putin. Thus, in response to yesterday's missile attack on Kyiv, he actually called for the cessation of aid to Ukraine.


In his twisted logic, this should lead to an end to the war. But in reality, it will lead to the victory of a much larger and more militarized Russia, with the subsequent destruction of Ukraine and many of its citizens. But that seems to be exactly what Orban is happy with.

He called yesterday's attack on Kyiv a "tragic and vile attack" but did not condemn Russia. Instead, Orban called the missile strike evidence that his "fears were justified".

"As expected, the brutality of the Russian-Ukrainian war has reached a new level. That is why nine days ago we launched a peacekeeping mission," he wrote in his X, an obvious nonsense.

According to Orbán, "the growing intensity of the war is a call to the world powers to abandon their military policy and instead create a peaceful policy that will lead Russia and Ukraine to a ceasefire and peace talks."

In general, Orban's vigorous pro-Russian activities, which included meetings with Putin and Xi Jinping, openly irritate the leaders of many EU countries. Ambassadors of the 27 EU countries will meet in Brussels on Wednesday to discuss Hungary's actions at the beginning of its EU presidency. This was reported by the Voice of America.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 10/07/2024

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