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Russia is recruiting mercenaries from Nepal for the war in Ukraine

Dec 5, 2023

The Nepalese government has issued a statement demanding that Russia not recruit its citizens into the Russian army and return the bodies of six soldiers killed in Ukraine.


Reuters reported this with reference to the Nepalese Foreign Ministry.

The government also called on Russia to immediately send back the Nepalese soldiers who are currently serving in the Russian army. russia is also being called upon to pay compensation to the families of the victims,

As noted, negotiations are currently underway to release a Nepalese citizen who served in the Russian army and was captured by the Ukrainian Defense Forces. Nepal also calls on its citizens not to join the army of any of the warring countries.

Separately, it was noted that six Nepalese who served in the Russian army had already been killed. However, no details of their deaths have been disclosed. According to Nepal's Ambassador to Moscow, Milan Raj Tuladhar, quoted by The Kathmandu Post, 150-200 Nepalese are mercenaries in the Russian army.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 06/12/2023

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