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Slovakia accuses Russia of interfering in elections

Oct 2, 2023

Slovakia has accused Russia of interfering in the parliamentary elections and summoned a Russian embassy official after Russia's remarks about the "American footprint" in the country.


RBC-Ukraine reported this with reference to AFP.

Prior to the parliamentary elections, Russian Foreign Intelligence Chief Sergei Naryshkin called the Progressive Slovakia party a "US proxy" and said that Washington had allegedly "increased its interference in the domestic political situation in Slovakia."

"We consider such deliberately spread disinformation to be unacceptable interference by the Russian Federation in the electoral process in the Slovak Republic," the Slovak Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

In response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bratislava summoned an employee of the Russian embassy on Monday and called on Moscow to "stop disinformation activities aimed at Slovakia."

"The Ministry expresses its strong protest against the false statement of Russian intelligence, which calls into question the fairness of free and democratic elections in Slovakia," the statement said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 03/10/2023

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