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Ukraine received new weapons from Germany

Jul 9, 2024

Germany handed over a new military aid package to Ukraine. It included the third Patriot anti-aircraft missile system, which was previously announced in Germany.


This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the press service of the Federal Government.

It is noted that the aid package, in addition to the Patriot, included missiles and spare parts for it. As a reminder, Patriot is a powerful anti-aircraft missile system that can significantly enhance Ukraine's defense capabilities. It is capable of shooting down ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as aircraft, and protecting cities and critical infrastructure.

What else is on the list:

  • ammunition for Leopard tanks 1;
  • 2 TRML-4D self-propelled multifunctional radars;
  • 30 Vector reconnaissance UAVs with spare parts;
  • 200 mobile devices for jamming drones;
  • 10 autonomous sea boats;
  • 10 armored vehicles and 3 patrol jeeps;
  • 55 thousand 155 mm shells and 9 thousand shells for Gepard anti-aircraft tanks.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 09/07/2024

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