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Attack on the Russian airfield in Morozovsk: first images have emerged

Jun 14, 2024

Satellite images of the aftermath of the attack on the Russian military airfield in Morozovsk, Rostov region, where Russian Su-34, Su-24, and Su-24M are based, have been posted online.

The photos were posted on Friday, June 14, by Brady Afrik, an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute's Foreign and Defense Policy Research Department.

"The aftermath of Ukraine's recent strike on the Morozovsk air base in Russia is visible on new satellite images," he wrote.

According to the satellite images, at least part of the airfield and an airplane hangar with bombers inside were damaged.

The analyst also noted that the last time Ukraine attacked this airfield was in April 2024.

On the night of June 14, local residents reported explosions in Morozovsk, Rostov region. A fire broke out in the city.

Rostov Region Governor Vasily Golubev said that air defense forces had allegedly "successfully repelled" a massive UAV attack in the Rostov region. However, residents of a number of streets in Morozovsk lost power after the UAV attack.

Author - Ihor Lontkivskyi 14.06.24

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