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Border blockade: Ukrainians staged a protest rally

Dec 6, 2023

On Wednesday, December 6, Ukrainian drivers and volunteers gathered in front of the Polish parliament to protest against the blockade of the border by Polish carriers and farmers.

Source: Ukrinform.

Details: The protesters unfolded posters near the Polish parliament, including "Do not block Ukraine", "Poles and Ukrainians, we quarrel, and Russia takes advantage of it", "Stop blocking - we need to feed the world together", "Stop the blockade on the borders!", "We are at war! We are not competitors!", "We are stronger together!".

They signed and handed over to the Sejm's office a letter to the head of the lower house of the Polish parliament, Shimon Holovnya, asking him to resolve the problem of the border blockade, which harms the interests of not only Ukraine but also Poland, as soon as possible.


"We have a huge request to the Polish Sejm that Polish lawmakers, at the nearest committees and meetings, should first of all consider the issue that threatens the lives and health of people, namely drivers. This is the first priority.

In addition, we are talking about counteracting Russian propaganda, which, in our opinion, is very active among Ukrainian migrants in Poland, and it provokes all these protests. They have something to rely on in terms of information," said Viktoria Tryfan, co-organizer of the action and founder of the EU-Ukraine Trade Club.

Author - Olena Madiak, 06/12/2023

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