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Colombian President suddenly cancels participation in the Peace Summit

Jun 15, 2024

At the last minute, Colombian President Gustavo Petro unexpectedly canceled his participation in the Ukrainian Peace Summit, which is currently taking place in Burgenstock, Switzerland.


According to Blu Radio, the country's leader explained his decision by saying that he considers the conference in Switzerland "basically a coordination on the side of war" rather than a real search for ways to peace.

Petro emphasized that Latin America is committed to the speedy establishment of peace, both in the context of ending the genocide against the Palestinian people and in finding difficult ways to resolve the war between Ukraine and Russia. He emphasized Colombia's readiness to participate in conferences that are freely devoted to finding ways to peace, not "building blocks for war."

"I decided to suspend my visit and invitation to the meeting in Switzerland because Latin America does not want new wars. It wants peace as soon as possible and to find ways to resolve the war between Ukraine and Russia... We are ready to participate in conferences that are dedicated to finding ways of peace, not building blocks for war," he said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 16/06/2024

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