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France deploys armored vehicles amid large-scale unrest

Jun 30, 2023

The French government has decided to deploy 18 units of armored gendarmerie vehicles amid large-scale unrest.

This was reported by BMFTV TV channel, citing police sources.

According to the TV channel, this decision was announced by French Prime Minister Elizabeth Born on behalf of Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen.

A total of four Centaure multi-purpose armored vehicles will be deployed, as well as 14 VBRGs (gendarmerie wheeled armored vehicles).


In addition, the French government has decided to cancel a number of public events, including concerts by singer Mylene Farmer at the Stade de France.

As a reminder, the protests were triggered by the death of a 17-year-old boy driver who was shot dead by police during a traffic stop.

The unrest began on Tuesday evening and expanded to new cities each night.

Author - Olena Madiak, 30/06/2023

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