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France will "jointly produce or buy" weapons for Ukraine

Sep 28, 2023

France will continue to provide military support to Ukraine, including that the countries are considering the possibility of "jointly producing and buying" weapons.


This was stated by the Minister of Defense of the French Republic Sebastien Lecornu, reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

During a meeting with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Rustem Umyerov, Lekornyu said that France has currently trained more than seven thousand Ukrainian soldiers.

"We fulfilled our goals by the end of the year. More than seven thousand Ukrainian soldiers were trained in France (on French territory or in Poland). It was either some kind of general training or specialized training. I would like to inform that the training will continue in the same volume ", he said.

In addition, Lecornyu stated that a "strategic issue" regarding joint production for the needs of Ukraine was also discussed.

"Now we are approaching such an unusual stage in the relations between our two countries, where we are together looking at what we can jointly produce or jointly buy," the minister noted.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 29/09/2023

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