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Georgia's European integration is practically at a standstill

Jun 19, 2024

The EU Ambassador to Georgia, Pawel Gerczynski, has said that the country's relations with the EU have entered a "difficult period" due to the adoption of the law on "foreign agents." This was reported by Echo of the Caucasus on Wednesday, June 19.


Gerchinsky told reporters that the country's European integration has effectively stopped.

"Georgia and the European Union are currently going through a difficult period... We have repeatedly said that the law on transparency of foreign influence would have a negative impact on Georgia's aspirations for European integration. Unfortunately, this has happened," the diplomat said.

He added that measures in response to the adoption of this law will first be discussed at the level of foreign ministers, and in a few days at the level of presidents and prime ministers of EU member states.

"As you know, integration into the European Union requires unanimity, and you have all heard public statements by several member states that they will not start negotiations on Georgia's accession if this law remains in force," Gerczynski said.

The diplomat added that it is "difficult to see" how the country's European integration is practically suspended at a time when the people "are moving [toward the EU] together with Ukraine and Moldova."

Author - Ihor Lontkivskyi 19.06.24

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