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Georgia wants to open a joint university with Russia

Jul 24, 2023

Dmitry Lortkipanidze, head of the Yevgeny Primakov Georgian-Russian Public Center in Tbilisi, announced the opening of a new educational institution in Georgia with Russian money.

This was reported by the Echo of the Caucasus.

"The issue of establishing a Georgian-Russian university is being specifically discussed. At this stage, we are looking for a suitable location for this educational institution."

According to him, education at the university will be free of charge, and the Russian Federation will cover the financing costs.


Lortkipanidze said that the search for the territory where the university will be opened is ongoing, and it will be fully staffed by the Russian side.

Tbilisi views the attempt to open a Russian university in Tbilisi as a new wave of Russian expansion and emphasizes that such universities create an expansion of the influence of Russian policy in Georgia.

According to education experts, the "Russian Empire" uses education as an ideological mechanism. And the opening of a Russian university in Georgia means that the Georgian side is pursuing Russian interests.

Author - Olena Madiak, 24/07/2023

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