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Hungary chooses Trump's election slogan for EU Council presidency

Jun 18, 2024

During its presidency of the EU Council, Hungary chose the slogan "Let's bring back greatness to the European Union," which echoes the slogan of former US President Donald Trump during his 2016 election campaign - Make America Great Again.

This was reported by Politico on Tuesday, June 18.


"This is a reference to an active presidency. It actually demonstrates the expectation that together we should be stronger than alone, but we should be allowed to be who we are when we come together. It [the slogan] also reflects the idea that Europe is capable of becoming an independent global player in our unstable world," said Hungarian Minister for EU Affairs János Boca.

According to Politico, journalists at the press conference asked about the "Trump echo" in the new slogan. Boca replied that he did not know whether Trump "ever wanted to make Europe great again." Hungary also unveiled its logo, a Rubik's cube. They described it as "the essence of Hungarian genius".

According to the Hungarian Minister for EU Affairs, the country will use its presidency to introduce a new "competitive, farmer-oriented" agricultural policy. The country will also focus its efforts on effectively securing external borders and tackling the causes of migration.

Boca added that Hungary will make efforts to "make progress in EU enlargement."

"We want to have substantial steps towards Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine," he added.

The day before, Austria and Belgium opposed Hungary's presidency of the EU Council. On June 4, Belgian Foreign Minister Aja Labib called on EU countries to consider starting the procedure for depriving Hungary of its voting rights in the EU.

Author - Ihor Lontkivskyi 18.06.24

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