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In Shebekino, a powerful fire broke out in the town

Jun 3, 2023

In the Russian city of Shebekino, where the Russian rebels from the RDC and the Freedom of Russia Legion, on the one hand, and the regular army of the Russian Federation, on the other, have been fighting for two days, very strong fires with powerful smoke broke out today after the explosions.


The Legion hinted that this was the result of its work, saying that this is what the concentration of Russian troops in Shebekin looks like.

Russian propaganda is whining that the Belgorod region is being attacked and shelled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They talk about 850 arrivals per day. And this is despite the fact that only Russian citizens who oppose the Putin regime are operating in the region.

The Russian army, trying to harm the RDC and LSR, is shelling Shebekino itself.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 03/06/2023

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