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Kremlin threatens South African president in case of Putin's arrest

Jul 19, 2023

During this process, interesting things came to light - it turns out that the Kremlin criminals threatened South Africa with war (why the country needs such friends is a question). Thus, Ramaphosa said that Russia had hinted to him about the negative consequences of Vladimir Putin's arrest under the International Criminal Court's warrant if he came to the BRICS summit in August.


This was reported by The Daily Maverick.

Ramaphosa gave this explanation to the court in the South African city of Gauteng, which was considering granting Putin immunity from arrest.

The South African president's statement was sent to the court in May and he insisted on its confidentiality, but earlier on Tuesday, the Gauteng High Court, following a lawsuit filed by the opposition Democratic Alliance party, ordered Ramaphosa's words to be published.

"Russia has made it clear that the arrest of its current president would be a declaration of war. It is against our constitution to risk going to war with Russia," the South African president said.

Ramaphosa also told the court that South Africa had begun consultations with the International Criminal Court under Article 97 of the Rome Statute, which are initiated in the event of a problem that "could potentially impede or make impossible the execution of the ICC request."

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 19/07/2023

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