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Magura V5 drone destroyed the most Russian ships during the war - study

Jul 10, 2024

Polish scientists have published the results of a study of the most effective naval drones in the Russian war against Ukraine. They concluded that the Ukrainian Magura V5 drone destroyed the most Russian ships during the full-scale aggression.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing data from the Polish scientific journal Political Science and Security Studies Journal.


Thus, scientists have analyzed the impact of the use of unmanned maritime drones on the security situation in the Black Sea region and identified the most effective maritime drone.

According to the study, in the Russian-Ukrainian war, Ukrainian naval drones hit 22 warships, of which 8 were destroyed. Among them, Mykola and Mamai drones hit 2 ships each, Sea Baby hit 4 ships, and Magura V5 hit 14 ships, 8 of which were completely destroyed.

The researchers relied on open sources. The following Ukrainian and Russian maritime drones came to the attention of scientists: "Mykola, Magura V5, Mamai, Sea Baby, TOLOKA TLK-150, Marichka, all made in Ukraine, and the only known Russian naval drone, Oduvanchik.

Author - Dmitriy Levchenko, 10/07/2024

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