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NATO will help Ukraine to switch to weapons of Alliance standards

Jun 30, 2022

The NATO summit adopted a new assistance package for Ukraine with the long-term goal to switch the country to weapons of Alliance standards. 

It will also provide Kyiv with non-lethal assistance, such as fuel, DW reports.

This was announced by the Secretary General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, after the first working meeting within the NATO summit in Madrid on Wednesday, June 29. 

“Today, the leaders agreed to strengthen our support by agreeing on a comprehensive package of assistance to Ukraine. This includes secure communications, fuel, medical equipment, and bulletproof vests, mine and chemical and biological threats equipment, and hundreds of portable drone protection systems,” Stoltenberg said.

This package provides for two types of support. The first is the provision of non-lethal assistance to Ukraine in the short term – for example, fuel, first-aid kits etc. As Stoltenberg noted, anti-drone systems and equipment for secure communications would also be provided. 

The second type is designed for the long-term perspective: the Alliance wants to help Ukraine to switch to weapons and equipment of NATO standards from the armament of the Soviet model.

According to DW source in NATO, several hundred million Euros will be allocated for the new package. Projects of assistance to Ukraine's transition to weapons of NATO standards are planned to be prepared in cooperation with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities by the end of the year.

Stoltenberg stressed the importance of Ukraine for the stability and security of the Euro-Atlantic space. “All this testifies to our devotion to the future of Ukraine and to the fact that our devotion is unshakable. A strong, independent Ukraine is vital to the stability of the Euro-Atlantic area,” said the NATO Secretary General.

Author - Andrew Klark, 30/06/2022

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