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Nevzorov talks about Wagnerites' attempt to rob nuclear storage

Jul 15, 2023

Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov told about an attempt by Wagner PMC militants to loot the Voronezh-45 nuclear storage facility. However, when the Wagnerites reached the storage facility, they realized that it had not been opened for many years.


According to the journalist, the militants headed to Voronezh-45 to rob the warehouse where the portable nuclear devices were stored. This was noticed in Reuters reports and mentioned by Budanov, but they did not have full information about the incident.

"Wagnerians" dreamed of nuclear backpacks... The military unit happily surrendered and decided to celebrate this event. Some of the prisoners reached the storage facility and realized that it had not been opened for 7 years," he said.

Nevzorov clarified that in 2002 an electronic lock was installed there. However, the person who knew the codes died a year and a half later from alcohol poisoning.

"The Wagnerites were ready to shoot the door to the vault, but were afraid of the detonation," he added.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 15/07/2023

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