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No surprise. Orban re-elected as head of Hungary's ruling party

Nov 19, 2023

Viktor Orbán was re-elected president of Fidesz, although this did not come as a surprise, as other candidates did not receive the required number of delegates.


RBC-Ukraine reported this with reference to Nepszava.

The result of the vote of the Fidesz delegates was known in advance, as Orban was the only candidate for the post of party chairman. During the voting, the prime minister received 1190 votes.

Orbán led Fidesz from 1993 to 2000 and continuously since 2003. He was last re-elected at the party's congress in November 2021.

In addition, since 2010, Orban has been the permanent Prime Minister of Hungary, and during this time he has been able to consolidate power around himself and his party.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 19/11/2023

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