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Poland searches 222 companies in case of grain imports from Ukraine

Jun 23, 2023

In Poland, as part of the case of the import of Ukrainian grain into the country, on behalf of the Rzeszow Prosecutor's Office, employees of the National Tax Administration conducted searches in 222 companies and customs offices.

This was reported by RMF24.

The investigation into Ukrainian grain imported to Poland is being conducted by the Voivodeship Prosecutor's Office in Rzeszow. It has already taken over dozens of preparatory proceedings for further investigation. And it was on its orders that the National Tax Administration acted on Thursday.


"222 searches were conducted in the headquarters of grain importers and customs offices across the country," said prosecutor Anna Bernat-Lozhanska, a spokeswoman for the Rzeszow Regional Prosecutor's Office, on Friday.

As a result of these measures, extensive financial and accounting documents, evidence of border control, data storage devices, business correspondence, and more than 1,000 tons of grain that probably did not correspond to the information declared in the customs declaration were seized, Bernat-Lozhanskaya said.

The spokeswoman for the head of the National Tax Administration, Justyna Pasechynska, said that more than 800 employees were involved in the operation.

In the interests of the investigation, details of the searches are not disclosed.

The Rzeszow Prosecutor's Office has included in the investigation proceedings previously conducted by other prosecutors across the country, as well as reports prepared by the customs and tax services. Investigators are looking into all cases of fraud related to the quality of Ukrainian grain imported as technical or industrial grain that could be used for food or animal feed production.

Author - Olena Madiak, 24/06/2023

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