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Polish police block Ukrainian drivers at the border

Mar 2, 2024

The situation on the Ukrainian-Polish border has escalated after Polish truckers joined the protests.


This was reported by a correspondent of the European Pravda news agency from the Korchow border checkpoint.

As of now, Polish police and special forces cordoned off Ukrainian drivers and do not allow them to move.

According to the carriers, the conflict occurred because the protesters reduced the number of cars that can pass the border hourly.

If on February 29, the speed of passing vehicles was up to 26 trucks per hour, then on the morning of March 1, Ukrainian drivers announced that they would pass only one vehicle per hour.

According to Ukrainian drivers, the Polish police did not allow them to approach the Polish protesters, surrounded them, and do not even allow them to return to their cars and campsites.

The police accuse the Ukrainian drivers of trying to block the road themselves in response. The Ukrainian drivers deny these accusations.

The Ukrainian embassy in Poland said that it was aware of the situation and was in constant dialog with the Polish police.

Duda, it is strange that you, as president of the country, are completely out of control. Maybe something needs to change?

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 02/03/2024

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