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Putin has a new problem in Russia

Jun 27, 2023

Russian so-called "zet-patriots" who support the war in Ukraine were extremely disappointed with President Vladimir Putin's speech, in which he spoke condescendingly about the "Wagnerians" who staged a mutiny a few days ago.


After Putin's speech on the evening of Monday, June 26, there were dozens of disappointed comments on the relevant Telegram channels, the vast majority of which used profanity.

The general consensus is that Putin has once again disgraced himself by failing to punish the rebels severely.

Recognized war criminal and terrorist Igor Girkin also commented on Putin's words, saying that he had not seen anything more pathetic from the president for a long time.

As reported, in a televised address on Monday, Putin said that the vast majority of Wagner PMC fighters are "patriots of the motherland" and were used "in the dark." The Kremlin leader suggested that the Wagner fighters sign a contract with the Russian Defense Ministry and other security services, return home or go to Belarus.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 27/06/2023

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