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Putin makes another series of manipulative statements

Jun 14, 2024

On June 14, Kremlin head Vladimir Putin made yet another manipulative statement aimed at misleading the international community, undermining diplomatic efforts to achieve a just peace and splitting the unity of the world majority around the goals and principles of the UN Charter.


This was reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

"It is absurd that Putin, who planned, prepared and implemented, together with his accomplices, the largest armed aggression in Europe since World War II, is trying to present himself as a peacemaker and put forward options for ending the war he started that undermine the foundations of international law and order," the Foreign Ministry commented.

These statements, which came on the eve of the inaugural Global Peace Summit in Switzerland, have a single purpose - to prevent leaders and countries from participating in the summit. The timing of their appearance shows Russia's fear of real peace. All peace-loving countries that respect the UN Charter and seek peace in Ukraine understand the real motives behind Russia's statements and will not allow themselves to be misled.

"Ukraine has never wanted this war and, like no other country in the world, wants it to end. However, the efforts of one country are not enough to force Russia to abandon its aggression. We need a powerful and effective international coalition of states that share the principles of a just peace based on the Peace Formula and the UN Charter, which it fully complies with," the statement said.

The participation of as many countries and international organizations as possible in the Global Peace Summit is critical to forcing Russia to negotiate in good faith to end the war.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 15/06/2024

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