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RF tends to commit crimes during its presidency of the UN SC

Jul 9, 2024

Ukraine once again pointed out to the members of the United Nations Security Council about Russia's abuse of the right of veto in the UN, and the paradox of the chairmanship of an aggressor country and a violator of the UN Charter in an international organization that is supposed to maintain peace.


This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Twitter (X) of the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN, Serhii Kyslytsia.

The diplomat also warned that the Russian Federation "tends to commit the most heinous crimes during its “chairmanship” of the UN Security Council."

As an example of such crimes of aggression, Kyslytsia noted that on July 8, Russian troops launched a combined missile attack, as a result of which, in particular, Ukraine's largest children's hospital, "Okhmatdyt" and another medical institution in Kyiv were shelled.

He drew attention to the Kremlin's constant practice of disregarding the UN charter since the Russian Federation took the place of the Soviet permanent representation, which Moscow took after the collapse of the USSR. But he again called on the members of the Security Council to reconsider the possibility of the Russian Federation using the right of veto in the organization.

"In February 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. However, it all started in December 1991 with the occupation of the Soviet permanent seat, when Moscow also chaired the UN Security Council," the diplomat's publication says.

Kyslytsia added that the Ukrainian side initiated the convening of an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council after the Russian missile attack on the morning of July 8. The meeting is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 9.

"How many more Russian crimes will be needed to resolve the issue of the dictatorial Kremlin regime in the Soviet permanent residence? What atrocities must be committed so that the aggressor's veto is ignored, and the Security Council can respond to Russia's aggression and war crimes?" asks the diplomat

He also noted that "against the background of destroyed hospitals and killed civilians, the bloody "chairmanship" of Russia plans to hold a monthly dinner for members of the Council tomorrow."

"I can barely contain my comments. Now is not the time for members of the Security Council to use Russian "cake" and poisonous Russian propaganda at such dinners. Now is the time to act and force Russia to comply with the UN Charter and international law," Kyslytsia emphasized.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 09/07/2024

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