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Rheinmetall to hand over Frankenstein air defense tank to Ukraine

Jun 17, 2024

The German arms company Rheinmetall will provide Ukraine with a new Frankenstein air defense tank that can shoot down missiles and drones.

This was reported by The Telegraph.


Rheinmetall noted that the new tank will be based on the Leopard 1, with the most advanced Skyranger anti-aircraft system planned to be installed on its hull. The creation of the new vehicle will strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities.

Weapons systems capable of countering short-range threats such as drone and missile attacks are increasingly seen as critical on the front lines in Ukraine, in what is being called the "first drone war."

"There are still many Leopard 1 main battle tanks on whose chassis we could mount a Skyranger turret with a 35 mm automatic cannon," said Bjorn Bernhard, Head of Ground Systems at Rheinmetall.

Rheinmetall has only recently developed the Skyranger system, which boasts sophisticated sensors with a 360-degree view of the battlefield that can combat groups of drones.

The publication notes that the Ukrainian army has already received about a hundred Leopard 1 tanks in standard configuration. But Ukrainian leaders have repeatedly called for more support to strengthen Ukraine's air defense to counter the constant attacks by Russian drones that target energy facilities.

"We are focused on a long-term perspective in Ukraine. We are not just supplying equipment and then withdrawing - we are showing that we will be there permanently and will support Ukraine," Bernhard said.

Author - Ihor Lontkivskyi 17.06.24

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