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Romania suspects violation of its airspace during Russian night attack

Sep 30, 2023

Romania is investigating a possible violation of its airspace during the latest Russian attack on Ukraine's Danube ports on the night of September 30.

This is reported by Digi24

The Romanian Ministry of Defense said that during another Russian attack on Ukrainian ports on the Danube late in the evening of September 29, an air alert was announced for residents of the Judets Tulcea and Galati, located near the Ukrainian cities of Izmail and Reni.


"The Romanian army's radar surveillance systems detected a possible unauthorized entry into the country's airspace, the signal was detected on the way to the city of Galati," the statement said.

Residents of the area say they saw something falling from the sky and then heard fighter jets at low altitudes.

Author - Olena Madiak, 30/09/2023

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