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Russia accuses Ukraine of attack on Russian nuclear power plant

Jul 10, 2023

When today, one after another, there were reports of cruise missiles from Ukraine allegedly shot down first near Kerch in Crimea, and then in the Rostov and Bryansk regions of the Russian Federation, a premonition arose that the Russian fascists were preparing some kind of powerful provocation. And this premonition proved to be correct.


In the evening, the Russians launched a fake news story that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were trying to attack a nuclear power plant in Russia. And then the former president and now deputy head of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, who specializes in voicing insults and threats to the whole world, got involved.

Today, Medvedev said that it would be necessary to strike the three Ukrainian nuclear power plants, as well as nuclear facilities in Europe if the attack on the Russian nuclear power plant is confirmed.

"If an attempt to attack the Smolensk (Desnogorsk) NPP with NATO missiles is confirmed, we should consider a scenario of a simultaneous Russian strike on the South Ukrainian NPP, Rivne NPP, and Khmelnytsky NPP, as well as on nuclear facilities in Eastern Europe. There is nothing to be ashamed of," Medvedev said.

The alleged attempt by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to attack the Smolensk NPP with missiles was reported on Sunday evening by the propaganda telegram channel Mash. There is no official information on the matter.

According to Mash, Ukraine allegedly tried to attack the Desnogorsk nuclear power plant in the Smolensk region and a military airfield in the Kaluga region with missiles. The telegram channel suggests that the nuclear power plant was attacked with British Storm Shadow missiles, as evidenced by the wreckage.

"Both missiles were shot down by Russian air defense in the sky over the village of Bytosh, Bryansk region, at about 14:00. The first one fell in a field, the second one - on the territory of a sawmill," the channel claims.

It should be noted that the military airfield could have been the target of Ukraine, but not the nuclear power plant. Only a sick Russian brain could do such a thing. Ukraine would not have set itself up to use British missiles to strike Russia if it had pledged not to do so.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 10/07/2023

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