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Russia redeployed all troops stationed on the border with Finland

Jun 19, 2024

The aggressor country Russia has moved almost all of its troops from under the Finnish border to the war against Ukraine, Yle reports, citing a source in Finnish intelligence.

It is noted that Russia is threatening NATO countries with World War III, but does not seem to be preparing for it.


Russian garrisons of ground troops and military bases near the Finnish border are almost empty, although the aggressor country claimed to be strengthening its forces, Yle writes.

"On average, 80% of the equipment and soldiers have been redeployed to the war against Ukraine," a senior intelligence source told the newspaper.

According to Yle, Russia is withdrawing equipment and soldiers from its bases not only near the Finnish border, but throughout its territory.

"Only in the Moscow region has the aggressive war in Ukraine not caused damage to the military and weapons," the article says.

Yle claims that in some garrisons more than a fifth of the military remains, while in others it is less. The number of Russian soldiers also varies depending on the season and the exercises.

"Sometimes new training groups appear, so the number of personnel varies depending on the training situation. Equipment also comes and goes," the source said.

The source noted that only the trainers of conscripts remained at the bases, while all contract soldiers were sent to the war in Ukraine.

Satellite images published by the newspaper show that the military bases of the Russian army near the border with Finland are almost empty.

It is reported that newer equipment has already been taken to the war. At the same time, the Russians have returned the old equipment to service by repairing it.

"By our standards, it is quite bad equipment, but by Russian standards, it may still be suitable," the intelligence source added.

Author - Ihor Lontkivskyi 19.06.24

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