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Russia reports on the destruction of "Leopard tanks"

Jun 7, 2023

The Russian Defense Ministry reported the destruction of Leopard tanks. However, instead of tanks, the occupiers destroyed agricultural combines, as journalist Roman Shraik pointed out.


On the night of June 6, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had allegedly destroyed "8 Leopard tanks," as well as many other vehicles in service with the Ukrainian army.

The occupiers even released a video showing the "destruction of a Leopard" by the crew of an enemy Ka-52 helicopter.

Later, Ukrainian publics exposed another lie by the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to journalist Roman Shryk, in one of the videos, the occupiers are tearing apart a self-propelled sprayer, and in the second, they destroy a combine harvester.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 07/06/2023

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