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Russia uses hybrid war tactics for a new migration crisis in Europe

Nov 21, 2023

Russia is using hybrid warfare tactics to artificially create a migration crisis on the Finnish border.

This is reported with reference to the ISW report.


The tactics of hybrid warfare on the Russian-Finnish border are similar to how Russia and Belarus created a migration crisis on the Polish border in 2021, and are likely to be similarly aimed at destabilizing NATO.

Back then, the Kremlin used the fabricated 2021 crisis to falsely accuse NATO of aggression against Belarus. Russia has repeatedly stated that it will take any countermeasures it deems necessary to ensure its own security. ISW experts are convinced that the attempt to create a migration crisis in Finland is one of the steps to destabilize the political situation in NATO countries.

Earlier, Finland decided to close four checkpoints on the border with Russia. This was explained by the large number of refugees seeking asylum. Since November 18, about 300 asylum seekers have arrived at the border from Russia, mostly from Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Syria.

It is noted that Russian border guards accompany and transport migrants to the Finnish border. The Finnish government also notes that there are signs that foreign authorities have played a role in assisting refugees in crossing the border illegally. The Kremlin denied Finland's accusations that Russia was involved in creating an artificial influx of migrants.

Later, it was reported that Finland might completely close the border with Russia. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is preparing a corresponding draft law.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 21/11/2023

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