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Russian air defense shoots down its own helicopter

Jun 22, 2024

Several Russian militaristic telegram channels have reported that a Ka-29 helicopter was shot down near Anapa, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Source: BBC Russian Service.

Telegram channel "Thirteenth": "In Anapa, our own air defense shot down our own helicopter. Ka-29 was searching for BECs (unmanned boats), one of our Pantsir struck the helicopter (according to the preliminary version, due to a malfunction of the friend-or-foe system)."


Details: Other pro-war Russian sources also reported the downing of the helicopter. According to them, four people were killed in the crash.

"Eternal flight, brothers," the Voevoda Broadcasts telegram channel says. A photo of the Ka-29 is posted there.

The Russian Defense Ministry has not made any official statements regarding the downed Russian helicopter.

Author - Olena Madiak, 22/06/2024

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