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Russian invaders started to leave ZNPP

Jul 1, 2023

Certain processes have begun at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant seized by Russian fascists. Namely, the departure of the military and the Russian leadership of the plant.


In addition, according to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, the employees of the plant who are loyal to Russia have received the relevant orders to pack up and go to Crimea.

"According to the latest data, the occupation contingent is gradually leaving the territory of Zaporizhzhia NPP. Three employees of Rosatom, who led the actions of the Russians, were among the first to leave the plant. Ukrainian employees who signed a contract with Rosatom also received recommendations to evacuate. According to the instructions received, they have to leave by July 5," the GUR said in a message on Telegram.

The intelligence service specifies that the head of the legal department Mantsurova, chief inspector Shtatsky, and deputy head of the station for support Gubarev have already left for the peninsula.

The GUR also emphasizes that the number of military patrols is gradually decreasing on the territory of the ZNPP and in the satellite city of Enerhodar.

At the same time, according to intelligence, the occupiers have instructed the personnel who remain at the station "to blame Ukraine in case of any emergency".

At the same time, the intelligence does not specify what exactly the occupiers' departure may be connected with - preparations for a retreat from Enerhodar as a result of the Armed Forces' counteroffensive or the intention to cause an accident at the plant.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 01/07/2023

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