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Switzerland wants to discuss the results of the Peace Summit

Jun 17, 2024

Switzerland wants to discuss the outcome of the Peace Summit with Russia, China and other countries that did not participate in the event.

This was stated by Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis.


He claims that Switzerland has a functioning embassy in Moscow and they communicate with the Russian foreign minister "every two weeks." Mr. Cassis emphasized that the country "intends to discuss the outcome of this conference with Russia."

He noted that he would not "talk about it more specifically," and also emphasized that the Swiss side, during the preparation of the summit, saw the impossibility of realizing the intention of having Russia "on board" from the very beginning, but there was a promise that it would be there when the time came.

The minister noted that Switzerland will hold a detailed discussion of the results of the summit with other countries "whose doors we knocked on and they did not come, such as China."

Cassis said that most of the decisions that were made could not be made without the participation of the Russian Federation and emphasized that in terms of the possible interest of the Russian side and building a path to peace, three topics were chosen for the first summit: nuclear security, food security and the release of prisoners, as well as thousands of children.

Author - Dmitriy Levchenko, 17/06/2024

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