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The 41st Brigade claimed discredit to its command and soldiers

Jul 8, 2024

The 41st Separate Mechanized Brigade has reported a campaign to discredit its command and fighters in response to the statement by the 206th TRO Battalion about the lack of support.

Source: 41st Brigade on Facebook.

Details: On July 5, soldiers of the 206th Battalion of the 241st TRO Brigade (Kyiv), who had been assigned to the 41st Separate Mechanized Brigade in the Toretsk sector since the end of June, stated that they had not received adequate support from this brigade.


According to a platoon leader of the 206th battalion, who spoke to UP, it was the lack of men in the battalion and adequate instructions from the 41st Brigade that led to the loss of the southern part of the village of New York.

The brigade subsequently claimed "an incomprehensible and strange campaign to discredit their unit's command and soldiers."

Literally: "We are unpleasantly surprised and outraged by this incomprehensible and strange campaign to discredit the command of our unit and our fighters, which has recently been gaining momentum on social media from the mouths of individual soldiers and public figures.

Author - Olena Madiak, 08/07/2024

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