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The US does not expect Russia to advance in Ukraine

Jul 9, 2024

According to Pentagon officials and US intelligence officials, Russia does not currently have enough manpower to make significant territorial gains in Ukraine in the coming months.

This is stated in the material of The New York Times.

American officials interviewed by the publication agree that Russia, thanks to the supply of electronic components from China, drones from Iran, and missiles and artillery from North Korea, has enough weapons, but lacks the manpower to make a breakthrough in Ukraine.


They add that in recent months, the dynamics of the war have been in Moscow's favor, but despite significant losses, it has not been able to capture significant Ukrainian territory.

The NYT sources are also skeptical about Ukraine's prospects for regaining territory, emphasizing that it has focused on building up defensive lines and maximizing the damage to Russian forces.

"American officials say privately that it will be nearly impossible for Ukraine to recapture all of its territory, but it can push for greater European integration if its performance on the battlefield is stronger," the article says.

Author - Olena Madiak, 09/07/2024

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