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The US is concerned about China's support for the Russian military base

Jun 19, 2024

The United States and Western countries are concerned about China's support for Russia's defense industrial base, which helps the aggressor produce weapons.

This was stated by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken during a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on June 18, RBC-Ukraine reports.


The head of the State Department noted that the United States and Western countries are imposing new sanctions against Russia to stop its aggression against Ukraine.

In addition, Kyiv's Western partners are keeping a close eye on the countries that support the defense industry and thus allow the Kremlin to continue the war. First of all, we are talking about China. According to Blinken, Beijing does not supply weapons to Russia, but it provides critical support to the Russian defense industry.

"For example, 70% of the machine tools that Russia imports come from China. 90% of microelectronics comes from China, and this allows Russia to maintain its military-industrial base, to maintain the war machine, to continue the war. So this has to stop," the US diplomat said.

According to him, the United States and the West are also working to confiscate Russian assets in Europe and provide Ukraine with $50 billion in additional assistance. Blinken reminded that a few days ago "we had a very effective conference on recovery, where we looked at other forms of support for Ukraine, particularly in the energy sector."

Author - Dmitriy Levchenko, 19/06/2024

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