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The US is "very concerned" about the threat of a full-scale war

Jun 13, 2024

The United States is concerned that the fighting on the border between Israel and Lebanon could escalate into a full-scale war. Reuters reported this on Thursday, June 13, citing a senior U.S. official.

According to Reuters, "special security measures" are needed in the region and the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip will not be enough. The agency added that Iranian-backed Hezbollah and Israel have been "exchanging fire" since the start of hostilities in the Gaza Strip, with attacks constantly intensifying.


"For eight months, from the very beginning of this crisis, we have held consistent and urgent talks with Israel and Lebanon at various times to prevent the conflict from escalating into a full-fledged war that could have consequences for other countries," the US representative said.

He added that returning to the status quo before October 6 in Lebanon is "not a viable option."

On the night of June 11, Israeli fighter jets attacked Hezbollah military targets with missiles. The media reported that the attack killed a senior Hezbollah field commander. In response, on June 13, the militants fired the largest number of rockets into Israel in one day.

The situation on the Lebanese-Israeli border escalated after the assassination of Hamas deputy leader Saleh al-Aruri in the suburbs of the Lebanese capital Beirut on January 2. The Palestinians accused Israel of this.

Israel has neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in the assassination, but IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said that Israeli troops are currently on high alert and ready for any scenario.

On January 4, the United States stated that it was not involved in the murder and had no reason to suspect Israel of being involved.

Author - Ihor Lontkivskyi 13.06.24

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