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Tucker Carlson called Putin's denazification "the dumbest thing"

Feb 29, 2024

American propagandist Tucker Carlson said on the podcast of American journalist Lex Friedman that the Kremlin is trying to demonize Ukrainians by calling them Nazis, and calling the so-called "denazification" by which Russia justifies the war against Ukraine "the stupidest thing." This is a very unexpected confession from Carlson.


Friedman asked Tucker what he thought of Putin's claims about "denazification," and Carlson replied that Putin's attempts to justify aggression against Ukraine by the need for "denazification" were a denigration of Ukraine and Ukrainians.

The journalist added that he did not like the part of the interview in which Putin talks about sending "Nazis" to Ukraine, although he got the impression that the dictator believes in "neo-Nazism" in Ukraine.

"The fact is that 'Nazism', whatever it may be, is an inseparable concept from the German people. It was a nationalist movement in Germany. I am an anti-Nazi. But there is no Nazi movement in 2024. Calling them (Ukrainians) "Nazis" is somehow very childish," Carlson told a colleague.

In the interview, Putin traditionally lied about the reasons for the war. Not even a word of truth at all... As for Tucker, it's a shame for him, because actually communicating with a person on whose conscience hundreds of thousands of human lives is impossible to justify with phrases about freedom of speech. Because giving them a platform is an excuse for crimes.

The interview demonstrates the Kremlin's connection to Donald Trump's Republican Party. This was announced by The Washington Post after its release.

The mass media noted that this material should have been a great victory for Carlson and Putin. In particular, for the former, it is an opportunity to increase their relevance after leaving the TV channel and promote their new media company. At the same time, for the head of the Kremlin, it is a chance to justify his invasion of Ukraine.

The head of Russia's ruling regime will try to use this interview to portray Russia as a country acting in self-defense, surrounded by NATO and the CIA. Putin agreed to the interview to be able to appeal to Republicans ahead of the US presidential election, analysts say.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 29/02/2024

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