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Ukraine changes counteroffensive tactics to reduce equipment losses

Jul 16, 2023

Ukrainian troops changed their counteroffensive tactics, which led to a reduction in losses in military equipment. However, this also slowed down the process of de-occupying Ukrainian territories from the invader.


According to The New York Times, during the first two weeks of the counteroffensive, up to 20% of military equipment, including Western models, was damaged or destroyed. However, in the following weeks, due to the changed tactics, the level of losses dropped to 10%, UAINFO.org informs with reference to Obozrevatel.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are now focusing more on wearing down Russian forces with artillery and long-range missiles than on direct attacks on Russian-mined fields.

"But this good news hides some grim realities. Casualties have also slowed as the counteroffensive itself has slowed - and even stopped in some places - as Ukrainian soldiers struggle against formidable Russian defenses," the article says.

Despite the losses, Ukrainian forces have so far covered only 5 of the 60 miles (8 of 96 kilometers) they plan to cover to reach the sea in the south and split the Russian forces into two.

Military experts quoted by the media indicate that the first 25 kilometers of the counteroffensive will be the most difficult, as the advancing forces need three times as many resources, both in weapons and personnel, as those on the defensive.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 16/07/2023

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