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Ukraine will receive the batch of ammunition on the Czech initiative

Jun 24, 2024

According to the plan, the Ukrainian army will receive the first batch of ammunition as part of the Czech initiative by the end of June.


This was stated by the Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic, Jana Chernokhova, reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to CNN Prima NEWS.

"As promised, the first delivery will arrive by the end of June," said the head of the defense department.

She assured that before being sent to Ukraine, the ammunition will be inspected by Czech specialists and, if necessary, repaired. This is how she responded to the accusations of the former Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic, Ljubomir Metra, who stated that some ammunition may be of poor quality.

Also, according to the minister, the ammunition will be modified by the companies even before Kyiv receives it.

The head of the Czech Ministry of Defense added that there is currently a shortage of ammunition all over the world, so the Czech Republic has to work with what it has.

"If we want to help Ukraine, we should be grateful for what we have. Fortunately, we have companies and resources. Donors - the Czech Republic is not paying for this - will make sure that the ammunition is brought to a usable condition." - Yana Chernovoha said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 24/06/2024

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