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Ukrainian forces continue first phase of offensive operation

Jun 19, 2023

Ukrainian forces are continuing the first phase of their offensive, namely, conducting reconnaissance to find weaknesses in the defensive positions of the Russian occupation forces. This was stated by Colonel Margot Grosberg, head of the Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Center, ERR reports.

"It is obvious that the initiative is now in the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which means that they choose the time, place, and means by which they will attack enemy units," he said. In turn, Russia will try to destroy Ukraine's offensive capabilities as much as possible, using artillery, minefields, and air strikes, Grosberg said.

The Estonian intelligence chief emphasized that Russia has spent the last nine months building up its defense in the occupied territories, so Ukraine is in no hurry to launch a counteroffensive. "For this reason, and also in order not to take unnecessary risks, the Ukrainians are approaching their operation more methodically, more carefully and quietly, as both human and technical resources are essentially worth their weight in gold," he continued.

Grosberg noted that the search for weaknesses in the Russian lines and, probably, along the entire front line will continue next week. "We will not see an offensive in the next seven days," he concluded.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 19/06/2023

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